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12 10 2008

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Director’s Statement

12 10 2008

I had seen Vincent around for years. There was a time when I viewed him with some trepidation, not knowing quite what to make of the guy in the funny suits. After he began performing his fashion shows, spinning for the tour boats, my trepidation gave way to curiosity and anticipation. I found myself looking for Vincent and wondering what the next suit would be. Then one day, as I stood at the window watching his 1:00 show on State Street Bridge, I was struck by the look of sheer joy I saw on his face. I thought to myself, whatever else you have to say about this guy, he has figured out what makes him happy and he does it, regardless of what anyone else thinks. The rest of us should be so lucky. But how had he come to this point in his life? Vincent had become a beloved fixture in downtown Chicago, delighting and confusing tourists and locals alike, but no one really knew anything about him. I decided it was time to shed some light on the mysterious Vincent P. Falk.


12 10 2008


Jennifer Burns is the founder of Zweeble Films, with “Vincent:  A Life in Color” marking her debut as Director/Producer.  Prior to moving behind the camera, Jennifer had been working as an actor in Chicago in both theater and film and is an original member of the critically acclaimed improv company, pH Productions. Jennifer had been looking for the right project to kick start her production company and found it right outside her window:  a spinning, jacket-twirling vision in fuchsia.


Originally from the “Rubber City” Akron, Ohio, Christine Gilliland Wolf moved to Chicago to study at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 1997. She fell in love with filmmaking her second semester of school and soon after found her niche as an editor. After graduating in 2001 she pursued her dreams of being a rock star and played guitar in an all female punk band called The Manhandlers. Now she works at The White House as an assistant editor and aspires to be a “rock star/editor.”

Director of Photography

Patrick Russo loves using images to create compelling stories that can’t be expressed in words. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, he has applied his skills in formats ranging from 35mm to DV on many short films, music videos, documentaries, and commercials. Several of these projects have been selected for film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, Chicago International, and Michigan Independent. Pat has served as a Camera Operator on specs, a FOX TV show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and has crewed on dozens of features and shorts. He is a recent graduate of the Cinematography Program at the American Film Institute.